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A head-to-head puzzle game in which losing gives serious bonuses, made for TOJam 13.  Current version complete but without some polish features (character select, singleplayer mode, countdowns before and between rounds, option to exit to menu / restart on victory).

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes the game locks up upon starting a new game; if this happens to you, close the game and restart it and it will likely work the second time.  (Some machines have been observed to have the game alternate between locking up in this way and working, changing each time that copy of the executable is run.  If anyone has ideas on what sort of thing might be causing this, please let me know!)

Changelog from jam:

  • Blocks sent with attacks can no longer be matched immediately;
  • "Kicks" added to make rotation smoother and more intuitive;
  • Bugfix: matched rows now properly show the number of attack blocks they produce beside themselves;
  • Bugfix: player on the right now has their next polyomino display work instead of showing the other player's next polyomino;
  • Various other bug fixes and graphical tweaks.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable; do not move the other files / folders or the executable will complain of missing data.


Battle Matrix.zip 24 MB

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